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Hi my name is Lynn. I was ill at around 22 and found myself in a mental hospital. I was told I had manic depression and it was a chemical imbalance in my brain and genetic and I would need medications for life as there wasn’t any cure. So I was started on various meds and over the years I was swapped about on meds and sometimes I was ill and sometimes well and off meds. This went on for decades until I got diabetes and the internet arrived in our home. Then I started looking up things about that and stumbled across Kelly Brogan MD and started to listen to her and the people she had helped get well.

I bought her book and found a few others to follow on social media and I started to make big changes in my diet, like giving up coffee, alcohol (not that I drank much), and I swapped sugar for real honey. I started juicing and found Jason Vale the juice master and then the medical medium Anthony William. I bought all of Anthony’s books and started the celery juicing and the heavy metal detox smoothie. I got myself tested with a hair test and it said metals and chemicals , so I worked on supplements and smoothies and juicing and salads and soups. I ate red meat like lamb and I started to feel better.

I was on olanzapine 10mg and a sleeping pill, so I started to wean off those. I felt very ill doing this and it was tough as my doctor was against it all. But after 14 months I managed to get off all my meds for bipolar and asthma and I started to feel well. I then trained as a nutritionist and I specialise in mental health of course. Not many people get over bipolar, but I live after ten years of being well and very clean and I haven’t gone back to my old foods of grains, cheese and sugar. I stick with my meals and drinks and I’m very mindful of how I’m feeling and if I get tired I rest and avoid being too busy. I am truly well and feel great at 60 - better than I did at 22.

I hope this inspires others to work on their health and keep at it until well. Kind regards Lynn.

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Lynn has made a full recovery after weaning herself off medication over 14 months.

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