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I'm Dawn from Shropshire and my son Adrian had his life stolen by Seroxat at the age of 19.

After a break up with his girlfriend Adrian went to his doctor, was diagnosed with depression and was prescribed Seroxat on 5 November 2001.

26 days later he took his own life. He lived in a rented flat but a few weeks after he took the tablets he came round very agitated and said he wanted to kill someone. He was very fidgety and not himself.

1st December on the way to work we pass Adrian's flat and we saw his lights were still on. My husband dropped me off at my place of work and went to the flat. He broke down the door when he got no answer to his knocking. He found Adrian in the bathroom - he had hung himself with his belt.

We spoke to Adrian's friends a few days later and they had been with him Thursday 29th till 10 pm and said he wasn't himself. Adrian was 6ft 2 in and a strong handsome young man, I know he would never have killed himself, it was the antidepressants that made him think that he wanted to.

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Adrian killed himself 26 days after taking Seroxat

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