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I'm Maryellen.

My daughter Beth was born on December 29th 1980 and died on October 7th 2003 at 23 years old, after seven days on Seroxat which was prescribed for mild anxiety and acute insomnia related to her first set of upcoming job interviews, after graduating with honors from the University of Rhode Island and studying abroad at Oxford Brooks.

Beth was a very kind, caring person. She visited the elderly, cared for young children and loved animals. She was loved by many friends and family. Beth was known for her sense of compassion and friendliness. Beth's gentle and sweet personality was a true gift to all of us.

Beth had no history of depression and was not experiencing depression at the time of her death, but rather a side effect brought on by the drug Seroxat which causes acute psychosis. It's called akathisia.

One week prior to being prescribed Seroxat Beth was preparing for her first set of job interviews after completing her degree. She began to experience mild anxiety which became worse when she had situational insomnia.

Beth was not mentally ill, she had no history of depression and was perfectly happy prior to this time. When she went to the doctor for a physical due to her mild and acute insomnia, he prescribed her Paxil and told her it would help her sleep. Eight days later, she ended her life in a drug-induced suicide by hanging caused by Seroxat. This was a violent way to die, one in which Beth would never choose, especially in the home of her parents house. We knew within one day, after doing research and speaking with family members that Seroxat was the cause of her death and that we must do something to save other innocent people from this drug.

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23 year old Beth died by suicide 7 days after taking Seroxat

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