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I'm Olga. On the 13th of March 2012, our cheerful, bright, happy and beloved daughter/sister, Eline, was abruptly taken from us at the age of only eleven. She was one of the victims of the Sierre bus crash, in Switzerland.

On the way back from a school organised ski-trip, the bus driver manoeuvred the coach at top speed into a perpendicular tunnel wall, killing twenty-seven passengers and himself. Another twenty-two children were wounded, of which the majority severely, leaving some physically handicapped for life.

Blood tests revealed that the driver had been taking the antidepressant drug, Seroxat. Further investigation showed that he had been on this drug for over two years and that his prescribed dosage was reduced by 50% just a couple of weeks before the event. According to a statement, he did not take his medication on the day of the crash.

An independent forensic report commissioned by the parents concluded that it was a deliberate suicide caused by withdrawal from Seroxat.

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Eline, 11, died when a driver crashed withdrawing from Seroxat

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