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Florian, from Corsica had his life stolen after he was prescribed Paroxetine 20 mg at the age of 20 . He was a third-year medical student when he died by suicide on February 18th 2021, 19 days after taking Paroxetine.

He was very successful in his studies and he loved maths and physics. He wanted to be a doctor so he worked very hard to get the competition for the admission to medical school which is very fierce. And he placed 1st out of 200 students in 2019.

He was an outgoing boy. He liked going out with friends. He was passionate of cinema and skiing that he practiced with his friends and family.

In January 2021, Florian was attending the third year of medical University which is far from his home town. He passed the first part of his exams with very good marks. In spite of that he was anxious because of his studies.

On January 30th 2021, he came back home for an internship of a week at the hospital. During this week we noticed Florian had changed. He was very tired and he stared at us with a blank look. He left on February 7th for another internship in the town where he studied. That was the last time we saw him. We used to call each other every day.

On February 18th we couldn’t contact him so we decided to call the firefighters. In the evening, we learnt Florian hanged himself. When we went to his flat, we discovered that he had been prescribed the antidepressant paroxetine as well as Xanax 0.25 mg to be taken if necessary.

We didn’t know Florian had seen a psychiatrist and that he was taking Paroxetine. We discovered he had had 2 appointments with the doctor and he had another one on February 19th. He never went to it !

The day before, Florian tried to arrange it earlier, maybe because he was not feeling well, without success. He spent the afternoon with his friends, he did some grocery shopping , came back home at 5 p. m. and he took his life. His friends didn’t see anything strange in his behaviour. He informed them he was going skiing with his family from February 19th to 21st and even invited them to join them.

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Florian died by suicide 19 days after taking paroxetine (also sold under brand name Seroxat and Paxil)

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