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Hello I am Gregor from Austria, I am 25 years old and I had my life stolen due to antidepressants. I developed PSSD from Lexapro (citalopram) back in 2020. After the third pill I noticed that I lost all of my libido and it took me a long time to climax.
After 8 months I got off the drug and still had the same sexual symptoms.

My emotions however were only moderately blunted but more or less still there. Cognitively I didn't have any problems at all. After two years of improving my lifestyle to the max and without seeing any improvements I wanted to get my sexuality back, I decided to try Trazodone and Wellbutrin, this sadly had catastrophic results

Now I have a blank mind, no emotions, complete s*xual dysfunction, no short term memory, no long term memory and difficulties with proprioception.

I wasted almost 10 kg of muscle in two months. As I am almost 6'4 I look like a skeleton now.

I am confused all the time and I also have severe insomnia. I am worsening every day and I fear that I will not be able to finish med school.
I learned that trying other meds in order to „cure“ pssd can often lead to drastic worsening of symptoms.

I am sure that if I received proper information about the side effects of Lexapro I would have never taken the medication and would now live a happy and fulfilling life.

Hope this story saves another life

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Gregor developed permanent sexual dysfunction after taking antidepressants

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