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My name is Joan and I'm from the West of Scotland. In 2019 I suffered debilitating insomnia and approached GP for help..Was given Zoplicone and Setraline. Insomnia became worse. Then lost appetite and my personality changed. Stopped eating. Lost over three stones in four months. Convinced I had early onset dementia. Left letters for children saying I wanted them to remember me as their Mum and not this anxious scared if everything skeleton
Was given more antidepressants as nothing helped. Eventually given Diazapam on top of it all. Just over 8 weeks later I tried to end my life. Took ever tablet I had. Was put in psychiatric hospital where all I received was many more antidepressants, no CBT, only heavy medication. Three years on and still on Venlafaxine and nortriptyline. Never believed I had clinical depression. I kept asking for HRT and after I got it last year, I began to feel better. Had to retire from my job, lost family relationships, friends relationships.
Antidepressants I believed nearly killed me. Def ruined my life and left to deal with horrible side effects

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Joan tried to end her life after a severe adverse reaction to sertraline

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