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I'm Kata from Hungary.

My story: One and a half years ago I was given mirtazapine because I had anxiety. The reaction was terrible.  I lost my emotions, my sexuality, my memory , so I could not orient. One month later, I stopped it. For one and a half years symptoms are terrible (no long- and short- term memory, emotions, sexuality, planning, learning ability, concentration, perception and executive functions are impaired, I can not orient, my mind is blank , etc. ). So, I tried suicide a lot. I feel that my brain is damaged forever. But I wish I will heal. Before the pills, I was a very active girl with a lot of friends, I learnt, worked, and plan own family. Now, I live like a zombie with amnesia and anhedonia.

Since Kata wrote this, she took her own life on 1 October 2018.

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Kata's suffered severe withdrawal coming off mirtazapine

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