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I’m Markus from Germany. In 2009 I was prescribed on Seroxat because of anxiety. Back then, nobody informed me about the risks, side-effects or the addiction problem of Seroxat.. In 2013 I tried to discontinue it. It had stolen my (sexual) life and I got depressions, which I never had before. The psychiatrists reduced it from one day to the other from 60mg to 40mg. After three days I got terrible nightmares,,suicidal thoughts, akathisia symptoms, panic, heavy stomach cramps. I got aggressive and had violent thoughts and fantasies. The psychiatrist said, the symptoms of my illness have returned and I had to continue taking it as before. The symptoms disappeared after 5 days. Later I tried several times to discontinue Seroxat, without success. So since 2009, Seroxat has stolen my life and I am just surviving, which has nothing to do with living, surviving to live again someday. I also take promethazine 100 mg, pregabalin 100 mg and diazepam 40 mg and I cannot reduce any of them.

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Markus became suicidal after his doctor changed his dose of Seroxat. He now has long term sexual dysfunction.

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