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Hi My name is Sandi and we lost our Dad Merlin July 20, 2000. Dad was on Effexor and was very anxious so the Dr took him off effexor for 2 days then started him on 20mgs of prozac for 10 days then upped his dose to 40mgs . Three days after he started the 40 mgs Dad took his own life. Mom told the Dr dad was getting worse with every pill and concerned about doubling his dose. The Dr assured her its just going to take time for the medicine to kick in. The last week of dads life he laid on the couch covered head to toe with a blanket. He couldnt stand any noise. July 20th Mom had to run a errand when she returned home after about 45 mins. She found dad dead in the shower off their bedroom. Dad shot him self. Dad was such a strong loving man. We will never forget that horrible day. Prozac took dad away from us and we will never stop trying to warn the public of what these antidepressants can do.

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Merlin took his life after taking Prozac

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