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I'm Tracy and my son Reece Burrowes, was 17 and in the prime of his life. He knew what he wanted to do with his life and was very passionate about it. He was just starting his second year of A levels and had applied to Leicester University to study Media and History. He was a keen American Footballer and knew he wanted to take a gap year in America after several previous trips there . His friends described him as a caring and funny friend who always took the time to help others. He was the peace maker in his group and loved to socialise and have a good time. He was very independent and organised in his approach to everything.

2015 was a tricky year for him, he was concerned about his AS1 results and getting references for University as one of his main teachers had been off long term sick. He also had a car accident after passing his test and girlfriend issues. For these reasons he wasn't feeling quite right and went to his doctors twice without my knowledge. On the second visit the Doctor prescribed him sertraline 50mg, without even considering therapy of any kind and without our knowledge.

The N.I.C.E Guidelines clearly states that parents should be informed about the rationale for drug treatment, possible side effects so that the child can be monitored, how was that possible when I wasn't even informed?

After taking these tablets for 7 days he died from suicide  by hanging himself in our local park, Danson Park.

Reece had everything to live for and was always forward thinking about his future. He had researched and planned all his visits to Universities, as it had always been his dream to go, and had decided on Leicester University. On the morning of the day he took his own life he had even spoken about about future events.

In the last week of his life I have discovered that he suffered many symptoms of akathisia, unable to sleep(phone records indicated this), unable to enter classroom as the lesson was too noisy (school informed us), stomach upset (at the time we believed this to be a bug).

I strongly believe that Reece would still be with us if the doctor hadn't prescribed sertraline 50mg when all that Reece needed was counselling to get through everyday teenage problems.

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Reece Burrowes

17 year old Reece killed himself 7 days after taking sertraline

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