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My name is Sally. I live in London and my life has been ruined after my doctor prescribed me Lexapro after a distressed period of my life. I was given the script without warning, I thought it would make me ‘happier.’ I took it for just six weeks.

Prior to taking anti-depressants I was fit, healthy, motivated and a high achiever. I was extremely successful, a director at a law firm ranked top 3 in the world, social, independent, had travelled the world and lived overseas for many years without problems. I am originally from Australia.

I noticed changes in my personality within hours. I had always gone to the gym and my brain was telling me I couldn’t lift the weights.

I became suicidal and homicidal which is totally out of character and am so thankful I removed myself from situations so I didn’t do anything I couldn’t reverse. All doctors I saw afterwards were of the opinion the drug could not have done this.

I just couldn’t fathom that one day I was dancing at a café with my Mum, a little down but still me, and then a week later I was being triaged for a mental ward. Does not make sense.

I developed dissociative experiences which I am now stuck in and cannot regain what I once was. I am 30 years old.

As a result I have lost all my friends, my material possessions that I worked hard for, I am avoided at work and my career is hanging by a thread. I can hardly string sentences together.

Its 9 months since I stopped taking Lexapro but I still suffer severe side effects. The long list of symptoms I now battle with on a daily basis are headaches, eye aches, teeth clenching and jaw problems, sore throat, dry hair, dry skin, facial hair, digestive problems, zero appetite, panic attacks, weight gain, DPDR, burning feet and hands, excessive hair growth, pins and needles, suicidal thoughts, loss of sense and taste, zero emotions, insomnia, sensory neuropathy.

I constantly battle thoughts of self-harm and can hardly get out of bed, shower or eat. Previously I loved life and only went to the doctor for mild anxiety (tightness in the chest) which I am sure would have passed with exercise, diet and a bit of talk therapy but I thought I’d give the magic pill ‘a go’. I live in constant hell.

I still hope that one day this ordeal will be a distant memory.

The picture attached was me prior to anti-depressants.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. This is only scratching the surface of what I have been through.

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Sally's life has been ruined because of Lexapro (citalopram)

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