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I'm Stuart from the Outer Hebrides and eight years of my life have been stolen from me by antidepressants.

It started in 2006 when I was prescribed citalopram for stress at work. I wasn't at all depressed and my life was great at the time. I became suicidal immediately and my GP said it was worsening depression.  I came off it but became worse which I now know was discontinuation syndrome. I was put on venlafaxine and the effects of this made me so ill I lost my job. I tried to taper, but it was so difficult I went cold turkey in 2008. The withdrawal was so bad that I couldn't work for a full two years.  Even now I can't sleep.

When I first approached my GP regarding work stress I was so fit and healthy that I won what was at the time the hardest marathon in Britain the previous year.

I guess the moral of the story is don't go to doctors with issues like work related stress, you'll get made unemployable with drugs.

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Stuart 2

Stuart couldn't work for 2 years because of antidepressant withdrawal

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