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I'm Elaine Billings  and this is a picture of my son, Tommy, who worked for the New York State Police in their investigations department. He was happily married with two children he adored. He lived opposite me and I remember on the day he died I looked out of the window and saw him mowing the lawn and I remember thinking how lucky I was. 

Just a few hours later, on September 8, 2011, age 42 he parked his car, got a gun from his trunk, put it to his head and pulled the trigger.

Nine years previously he had started taking sertraline and Wellbutrin for anxiety. He then decided he wanted to come off them. Instead of tapering slowly he came off them altogether, and felt so bad he thought it was the anxiety returning and so went back on them. Nine days later he was dead.

I believe he must have had a psychotic episode brought about by the drugs. What else would cause this loving man with a great job and family to end his life so suddenly?

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42 year old Tommy killed himself 9 days after taking sertraline

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