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I'm Violet and 17 years of my life have been stolen by antidepressants and benzodiapenes. 

It started when I was  in my final year back at Cambridge university when I was anxious about finals. Who isn't?!  I was initially prescribed Prozac. After one pill my life was gone. Deep suicidality set in immediately. The GP abruptly withdrew me from Prozac to venlafaxine. I then took two overdoses. They cold turkeyed me from venlafaxine. I developed venlafaxine withdrawal syndrome. I was having seizures lying on the floor of my room. Amazingly I passed my degree despite attending no lectures at all that final year. On returning home I was given citalopram and benzos by a GP who categorically refused to believe in bad reactions to these drugs. Benzos were worse than I first thought. I  didn't realise how harmful they can be to take long term and nobody told me. I was on them for fourteen years. I was hospitalised in March of this year.  So I'm in benzo withdrawal now - which will last another year at least.  All the medications combined caused years of suicidality and over four ICU admissions. I want to live a good life - like anyone else.

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Violet lost 17 years to antidepressants and benzodiazepines

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